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Pampering Packages

Halo Havens

We invite you to get together with your own choir of angels, with full and exclusive use of our salon.

Enjoy a haven of pampering with a selection of our celestial treatments and enjoy some special time with your favourite people.

The Angelic Package

Feel angelic with our aroma-angel back massage with its unique blend of uplifting aromas and relaxing massage techniques. This is followed by a radiant facial, which features a natural kaolin clay mask formulated with allantoin and kojic acid to specifically help target uneven skin tone for a healthy, radiant, and even complexion, revealing your inner glow like the cherub you are!

60 minutes
£65 pp, max 6 people

The Heavenly Package

Find your own nirvana with a celestial scrub and massage combo. Utilising a mandarin and black pepper body scrub and a gorgeous massage oil, that will leave you with just a hint of sparkle too. Then positively shine from within with an incandescent facial. It includes a dragon peel which rebalances a weakened skin microbiota resulting in a healthy skin with a natural glow, amongst other things. Followed by a Power Peptide Mask that will help your skin glow. It will lift firm tighten and brighten the skin, reduce breakouts and pigmentation whilst combining a new age technology of mask treatment delivery. Pure heaven!

90 minutes
£85 pp, max 4 people

The Paradise Package

Let us take you from an earthly paradise island to paradise itself.

With aromas of mango and coconut this is the ultimate package for our angels.

We begin with a full body exfoliation with mango scrub removed with hot towels, and then we’ll wrap you in our ‘angel wings’ – a top to toe in a nourishing body mask. This intensive formula helps to tighten and firm the skin by drawing moisture from the body, for a more sculpted, toned effect and improves the skin’s elasticity. Rich in mango butter extract, full of antioxidants and vitamin C, the mask also helps to actively slow the ageing process. It’s vegan too so you can polish your halo!

While you relax in your wrap, you’ll be indulged in a radiant facial, which includes a mango sheet face mask that is simply divine! While you drift away on a cloud of relaxation we’ll indulge you in a coconut oil foot massage.

After removing the wrap and body mask, let us anoint you with hot coconut oil, expel tension and restore your aura in this aura hot oil back massage fit for a saint.

2 hours
£125 pp, max 4 people

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